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Here is where you can find episodes of the Star Wars Autograph Collection Podcast!  Click the arrow next to PODCAST in the menu to listen to any of our episodes!

Frank D. Rich

Born and raised in Gloucester, Massachusetts, the small fishing city which inspired such books and films as Captains Courageous and The Perfect Storm, his love for Star Wars began when he saw the first film in the theater in 1977, just before his 5th birthday.  From a Sicilian fishing family, he has dual citizenship in the US and Italy and spends most of his days just outside of the “Hub of the Universe”, Boston, Massachusetts. 

His passion for the saga grew powerful over the years, as evidenced by his seeing Revenge of the Sith four times, in four different cities, on it’s opening day. After accumulating the vast majority of the Kenner Star Wars toys in his youth, he turned to collecting Star Wars Insider Magazine as an adult before finding his way to autographs.  In November of 2011 he created Star Wars Autograph Collection as a way to help collectors find autographs and to share the stories of his own growing collection.  After a very successful first year, he launched the Star Wars Autograph Collection Podcast on April 2, 2013.

John Purves

John Purves, born in Canada and now living in New Hampshire, has been a fan of the Star Wars saga since its release in 1977. His extensive knowledge of the Star Wars universe led to him winning the Star Wars Trivia Challenge hosted by Kevin Liell, at Boston’s Supermegafest in 2009. John began autograph collecting at age 18 by sending requests through the mail to various baseball and hockey athletes. He got his first Star Wars autograph at Celebration 3 and has since added many signatures to his collection. One of John’s favorite collecting memories is receiving a peanut M&M from Carrie Fisher at Celebration 4 in Los Angeles.  John handles Star Wars related news for the podcast.


Eric LeBlanc

A native of South Louisiana, Eric LeBlanc has been a fan of Star Wars since he first saw A New Hope on Betamax in 1982. His obsession has since expanded to Star Trek, Doctor Who and all other things sci-fi. Eric started collecting sports autographs in the mid 1980s as an extension of his baseball card collection, but in 1996 he met Dave Prowse at a convention in New Orleans and it piqued his interest in expanding his collection. However it wasn't until 2008, ironically at the debacle that was the canceled mid-show FedCon USA, that Eric was completely hooked. A few weeks later, he launched the Sci-Fi Actor Appearances website which has since become the number one online source for science fiction actor appearances.  Eric provides information related to upcoming convention appearances for the podcast.


Graham Miles


Graham's Star Wars collecting began with the vintage toy line before turning to autographs in 1998. He has since amassed one of the largest collections of Star Wars autographs in the world.

Living in the UK, where the original trilogy and The Phantom Menace were filmed, means he has had the chance to meet and chat at length with many of the original cast and crew of the saga. Since 2007 he has also been an Archivist and Researcher with the Kurtz/Joiner Archive, set up by ANH and ESB producer Gary Kurtz to protect the history of his films. All this has allowed Graham to gain a vast wealth of knowledge, covering the people who made the films we love, their autographs and the hobby of collecting them.

Graham has always been keen to share this knowledge and help those who are new to the hobby navigate the sometimes treacherous waters, actively contributing to the community from his first days of collecting. He is looking forward to continuing this as part of the Star Wars Autograph Collection podcast.


Paul Dunne

Paul Dunne, from Lancashire, England, remembers Star Wars being the very first film he saw with his parents in 1977, and has been hooked ever since. He started attending small conventions and collecting autographs casually seven years ago, which then led him to becoming a serious collector over the last few years.

He started his Facebook page "Threpio’s Autograph Collection" this year as a way to meet other collectors and share his collection with them. "As much as I enjoy collecting, I love the stories behind the photos and listening to the actors' tales." says Paul.  As well as autographs, Paul also has a vast collection of Star Wars toys and action figures, which, as many of you can relate, have taken over his house. "One of the most enjoyable things about being a Star Wars fan" says Paul "is the community and the friends you meet.  It’s a good fun life to live."  Paul was brought onboard the podcast as a UK Correspondent in June, 2013.


Dave Oldbury


Dave Oldbury has been captivated by Star Wars since the tender age of nine when he first saw A New Hope.  Like many children of the 70's he started out collecting action figures.  Dave explains "The autograph side of things didn't start or even register until about thirteen years ago, when a friend invited me to a show here in the UK and I got talking to Garrick Hagon and Michael Sheard and from there I know it's a cliché but I never looked back."

"I did a lot of collecting with people like Sue Hooven and Mark Dermul" says Dave, "as it was a great way to bridge the country problem.  Over the years I've gradually progressed and feel pretty blessed to have established good relationships with many of the actors and I have a true passion for finding new people. I especially enjoy finding the Behind theScenes crew on UK side as I believe they never got the credit they deserved. Names like Brian Johnson, Dennis Lowe, Roger Nichols, Ron Hone.  They are all great Special Effects guys that I've built up good relationships with then, and others as well."

Dave attends most of the UK conventions, providing there's a worthwhile Star Wars contingent. "I enjoy helping people old and new to the hobby, and pretty much subscribe to the belief that you get out what you put in."  Dave is is the owner and creator of "" and it's Facebook page "StarwarsAutographCollecting" both of which he created in 2011,  as well as an administrator for the Facebook page "Retro Star Wars."  Dave was brought onboard the podcast as a UK correspondent in June of 2013.