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Frank D. Rich

Born and raised in Gloucester, Massachusetts, the small fishing city which inspired such books and films as Captains Courageous and The Perfect Storm, his love for Star Wars began when he saw the first film in the theater in 1977, just before his 5th birthday.  From a Sicilian fishing family, he has dual citizenship in the US and Italy and spends most of his days just outside of the “Hub of the Universe”, Boston, Massachusetts. 

His passion for the saga grew powerful over the years, as evidenced by his seeing Revenge of the Sith four times, in four different cities, on it’s opening day. After accumulating the vast majority of the Kenner Star Wars toys in his youth, he turned to collecting Star Wars Insider Magazine as an adult before finding his way to autographs.  In November of 2011 he created Star Wars Autograph Collection as a way to help collectors find autographs and to share the stories of his own growing collection.  After a very successful first year, he launched the Star Wars Autograph Collection Podcast on April 2, 2013.